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Cordless System DECT Transceiver
AGFEO DECT S0 Base plus

AGFEO’s DECT S0 Base unit is an external DECT transceiver. This will be connected via an ISDN connection cable to the internal S0 bus of an appropriate AGFEO Telephone System.

Up to eight AGFEO DECT System Phones, or other DECT devices which are GAP compliant, can be connected to the AGFEO DECT S0 Base plus unit (Single cell). If operated as a multi cell application, then up to 4 AGFEO DECT System Phones can be connected per base unit.

A maximum of four cordless telephones can have a simultanous conversation within each cell. Due to the S0 switching technology a DECT S0 Base plus can be up to 150 metres away from the telehone system. This distance may be increased to 800 metres if a point to point connection is used. Each DECT S0 Base will require two internal S0 connections.

In a multi cell installation and depending on the type of telephone system used up to 4 DECT Base units and up to 16 cordless system phones can be operated.

Multi cell installations will only be supported with an appropriate telephone system firmware. Further information regarding this was not available when going to press. Please ask you dealer / installer for further information.



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