What is Home- or Building Automation ?
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What is Home- or Building Automation ?
Building automation is the control and operation of electrical and electromechanical components, such as lights, venetian blinds, heating to name only a few. The operation of such components may be carried out via wall switches, telephones, timers, PDA’s, PC’s etc.
The idea of building automation is to make life easier for people while at the same time save energy and increase security.

  • A phone call will open the Garage door
  • Venetian blinds are closed and opened via a timer, which also may be weather depending
  • Hall- and cellar lights are switched on at the presence of a person
  • During holidays a “Unoccupied Home” mode will be initiated
  • The awning is operated via a remote control
  • At a push of a button you can start complex scenarios with lights and venetian blinds. For example: Create an ideal lighting situation for watching television.

KNX/EIB used standard in Building Automation
Since 2004 the standard EN 50090 has been established in the area of home/building automation. There are at present approx. 120 manufacturers offering certified KNX/EIB products which are based on this standard. Due to the standardisation of controlling networks and the creation of a uniform protocol, plus the wide range of offered actuators and sensors, any thinkable application in the home/building automation is now possible.

Controlling and Monitoring using a Telephone System
The AGFEO Telephone Systems AS 43, AS 45 and AS 200 IT, if fitted with an EIB-Module 522, are the first telephone systems on the market which offer an integrated EIB interface. The EIB-Module 522 will enable any connected telephone to the system, either corded or cordless, to be used in an EIB installation. System phones are particularly suited for this type of application as they have a clear layout and are easy to use in the controlling and visualisation of components within an EIB installation.
Programming of the telephone system and the EIB programming within the telephone system are carried out via the programming tool TK-Suite, this is included with every telephone system.

Functionality of the Telephone System within an EIB Installation
The AGFEO Telephone System with an EIB-Module 522 are complementing or replacing the following functional units within an EIB system:
Switches (Light Switches, Electric Roller Shutters Up/Down etc)
AGFEO System Phone, depending on model, will have up to 20 function buttons which can be assigned as a push button sensor. With the use of the STE 40 Console, these buttons can be expanded of up to 140 for each system phone. Just calculate yourself which switches would still be required or become obsolete, if a system phone is going to be used.
By the way, AGFEO Cordless System Phones are also available.

Scene Administration
In most application to administrate scenes will requires an additional component. The functionality of scene administration is already part of AGFEO Telephone Systems with an optional EIB-Module 522. Up to 32 scenes with 8 function in each may be programmed. These scenes can either be activated by pressing a button on a system phone, dialling an extension - / trunk line number or using a time function.

Time Switch
A time switch is also an additional component within an EIB installation. Again, this is not required when using an AGFEO Telephone System.
A 20 event time switch including functions for weekends and bank holidays are part of the extensive functionality offered. The time switch can easily be linked to scene administrations.

Remote Operation
Even the remote control, another chargeable component within an EIB-System, can be saved.
Every Cordless AGFEO System Phone, even any mobile phone (GSM), may be used as a remote control unit for an EIB installation.
Operate your awning from an AGFEO Cordless System Phone or open your garage door with a phone call from your mobile, without spending a penny.

Time Server
Time dependant operation within an EIB installation will require the current time. Without a telephone system an additional component is required which will inform the EIB system of the actual time. The telephone system will be synchronised by the ISDN network and is therefore able to supply the EIB installation with the current time information.
Due to this another EIB component could be saved.

Remote Maintenance
With the use of an AGFEO Telephone System the EIB configuration within the telephone system can be remotely maintained, this could save the customer time and money for simple program modifications.

Added Comfort Feeling
Just image, your are arriving home, it’s already dark. You are pleased as not to get out of the car in this cold weather as you can open the garage door with a simple phone call. You drive into your garage and get out of the car. The garage door closes automatically behind you and the outside lights are switched on by itself so that you won’t trip on the way to the front door. The hall lights are switched on automatically. After hanging your coat in the cloak room you pick up the AGFEO DECT System Phone from its charging cradle whilst on the way to the lounge to settle down on the large comfortable couch. Using the DECT System Phone you now activate the scene “Television”. The ceiling lights switches off and the lamp next to the TV is dimming to a comfortable level.

Added Security
An ”Unoccupied” mode can be started when leaving the home. This mode will simulated someone being at home by switching certain functions at random, such as lights.


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