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It’s pretty, state of the art technology and up to anything. We are talking about the AGFEO DECT 35 Cordless System Phone. It appeals to design lovers and technical minded people likewise.

This is due to the wide range of functionality and the technical expertise of this cordless system phone. It can, like a corded system phone, access the central data memory of an AGFEO Telephone System and operate ”unattached” many features and functions. It offers nearly limitless possibilities.

10 Function Buttons
To access 10 frequently used system features.

Phone Book
The handset can store of up to 80 entries and depending on the telephone system, can also access of up to 1000 further entries.

Busy Lamp Field
The system phone will display by pressing the off Hook button the line and extension status, i.e. which lines are in use and which extensions are busy.

The DECT 35 System Phone can only be operated in connection with a DECT S0 Base plus unit.

Optional Repeater
A repeater can be used to extend the range.

Auto Answer
This feature is useful if you wearing a headset and want to answer every call without pressing a button.

Charging Cradle Event
This function, if set, can automatically invoke a function when the phone is removed or returned to the charging cradle. A diversion from the phone on the desk to the cordless phone can automatically be set up once the cordless is removed from the charging cradle and cancelled once returned.

Ease of Use
The handset offers the AGFEO Vanity plus search assistance, status display such like the indication of new entries in the call log.

Some selected Features:
-Illuminated Display
-Phone Book
-Call Log
-Busy Lamp Indication
-Caller ID, see who is calling
-Headset Connection
-Navigation Button
-Wake Up Alarm
-Vibration Alert

Accessories DECT 35
-Additional Charging Cradle including Plug In Power Supply
-Belt Clip
-Leather Case


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