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AGFEO has a thrilling company story ...

The early years
from 1947 to 1950

In 1947, in the midst of the post-war upheaval, Hermann Boelke establishes the new company

Gesellschaft für
Elektrotechnik und

- for short: "AGFEO" - in Bielefeld. With virtually no startup capital, but with all the more enthusiasm and a handful of committed staff. They are all from the Westphalia region, with an inherent knack for lateral thinking and a pragmatic practical approach, and they are sound, skilled tradespeople who can be relied on.

Hermann Boelke utilizes his good relations with the British occupying forces, and is contracted to manufacture Morse Code transmitters for the British Army.
Soon their solid design brings them to the attention of the Belgian Army too. Sales rise, and AGFEO also begins supplying optical devices.
The startup is successful.

The German economic miracle, the "Wirtschaftswunder"

AGFEO, too, profits from the burgeoning economic miracle in Germany. As space becomes tight with increasing sales, AGFEO relocates to Brackwede, a suburb of Bielefeld. At Gaswerkstrasse 8 a former assembly hall for naval torpedo boats is free - ideal for the up-and-coming young business. And it is there that AGFEO has its headquarters to this day.

AGFEO and the Bundespost

The first production order from the German Post Office (the Deutsche Bundespost) for the Z 27 - a meter which registers the call charges coming into a telephone exchange - becomes a milestone for the small business from eastern Westphalia.
More orders follow, and AGFEO gradually develops into one of the main suppliers of call charge meters to the Bundespost.

Millions of units

In the early 1960s the Bundespost issues an invitation to tender involving the manufacture of a call charge indicator for telephone sets which is powered from the telephone network. AGFEO's call charge indicator gets the contract, and the resultant GAZ 65 sells in millions.

Brand name

Following the loss of their monopolies by many formerly state owned telecoms bodies, including the Bundespost in Germany, a competitive international market for new telephone equipment and telephony applications and services emerges.
In the late 1980s AGFEO develops an analog telecommunications system with system phones. In 1990 it is introduced by the Deutsche Bundespost Telekom corporation and sold under the name "focus L". This system is a hit on the market, and for AGFEO means the launch of a whole new product line.

In the early 1990s the European states agree on a common standard for ISDN: Euro-ISDN. This heralds a new age for AGFEO.
In just a short time, AGFEO turns itself into an innovative manufacturer of ISDN systems, and today is one of the market leaders for small and medium sized ISDN telecommunications systems.


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