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Registration and Licensing of TK-Suite Professional

To register your TK-Suite, please make sure the user account is authorised for the license purchase.

Please note, this setting on the TK-Suite Server can only be assigned by a user with administrator privileges.

To start the registration process, please click on “Help/TK-Suite Registration“
in your TK-Suite Client

On the subsequent page, please click on the button „Perform a new registration“.

Note: If the following error message appears on your screen, please make sure you have an active connection to your telephone system, or readout the telephone system with your TK-Suite Set.
Subsequently, please click on the button „Perform a new registration“ again

  • Please enter your personal data here. The most important data field is the email-address, as the registration is linked to the entered email-address. Your registration will be stored on the TK-Suite Server. Whenever you reinstall the Server, you only need to enter the registration code you receiced by email after the original registration. Consequently, the Server will be registered for you automatically. Already supplied software packages will be reactivated after the reinstallation.
  • “News subscription via email“: If you are interested in being provided with news from us via email, please tick the box.
  • Your address is an optional entry.
  • The selection of the country is required. The terms of payment for the purchase of the optional software packages depent on the country code.
  • The entered branch is analysed for statistical purposes.
  • “AGFEO Client number of the dealer“, “Email-Address of the registration setter. If you handled the registration process on your own, please do not enter any data here. If the registration was done by a dealer, he will enter the requested data here.
  • Please read the General Terms and Conditions and the Privacy Policy. A registration is only possible if the box is ticked. After the registration form is completed, please click the OK button. The data will be send to AGFEO, your registration is in progress.

During the registration process you must be permanently connected to the Internet!

After registering your TK-Suite Server, you are able to purchase our optional software packages. Just click on „Buy or Try Modules“.

On the subsequent page, you need to choose the software module for which you have purchased the license key from your dealer before and the input form for the voucher code will be opened automatically.

Please enter the voucher code and click on „verify“

The voucher code is checked by our system now. After the successful verification, please click on „Redeem voucher“. Your software module will be provided automatically and you will receive an email with the registration data.


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