Descriptions of no longer available products.

iAC 141 WebPhonie plusISDN entry-level systems
Entry into system telephony

iAC 16 WebPhonieISDN entry-level systems
The System “Plus Two”

iAGFEO ST 20 System TelephoneSystem phones

iAGFEO USB PlugISDN adapter for PC
The flexible Internet access for home and on the move

iAIS Module 400Accessories non-system-specific
Play Music or Messages whilst your callers are on hold

iAlarm Siren IndoorSecurity-Line

iAlarm Siren OutdoorSecurity-Line

iAS 100 ITProfessional ISDN systems
Made to Measure in precise combination

iAS 140 plus/AS 141 plusCompact ISDN systems
The small ISDN system with the big performance

iAS 151

iAS 181Work at home like the pros

iAS 190 plus/AS 191 plusCompact ISDN systems
The ISDN system with the performance plus

iAS 32Tailored ISDN systems
For demanding communication needs

iAS 3xTailored ISDN systems
So much more than “just” a top-notch modular ISDN PABX system

iAS 4000Professional ISDN systems
Modular ISDN PABX in XXL format

iConnection ModuleWork at home like the pros

iDECT 15Cordless Analogue Telephone

iDECT 25A DECT Phone for Business Use

iDECT ModuleExpansion of AS 40 P

iDECT S0-BaseAccessories non-system-specific

iDECT S0-Base plusCordless System DECT Transceiver

iDoor ContactSecurity-Line

iDoor phone unit modulesExpansion of AS 40

iFM 6Accessories non-system-specific
The private circuit module

iGlass Break DetectorSecurity-Line

iHeadset 2100

iHeadset 2200

iIoP-PlugAccessories non-system-specific

iISDN modulesExpansion of AS 40
Expansion of internal and external ISDN ports

iLAN-Box 120Accessories non-system-specific

iLAN Module 310

iMotion DetectorSecurity-Line

iNEU! AC 12 ISDN entry-level systems

iON/OFF Switch AquariumSecurity-Line

iOn/Off Switch Door OpenerSecurity-Line

iON/OFF Switch FreezerSecurity-Line

iOn/Off Switch Outside LightsSecurity-Line

iON/OFF Switch Washing MachineSecurity-Line

iProcessor Assembly P 400Expansion of AS 40

iRemote ControlSecurity-Line

iSmoke DetectorSecurity-Line

iST 15Analogue System Phone

iST 25System phones
The digital system phone - Switching control on the internal ISDN bus

iST 30System phones
High End with World Clock - 4 Time Zones

iSTE 30System phones
The System Telephone Extension

iSystem DECT 30 System phones
Excellent Design, Innovative Technology

iSystemHandy DECT 35

iT 15Analogue Telephones
Analogue Display Telephone

iTK-Suite BasicSoftware

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